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Mykah Doula

Stephanie Baxter, Doula

Who am I?

My name is Stephanie. I'm a Sydney based Doula, wife to James, mother to two beautiful children, Franklin and Matilda. I am a first generation Australian with a Serbian background. Being Serbian, there is a large focus on nurturing women during pregnancy and postpartum. The word 'majka' (my-kah) means mother in Serbian. 

Why have a doula?

Let's let the statistics speak for themselves. A 2022 study has shown that women who received doula care had:

  • 52.9% lower odds of caesarean delivery

  • 57.5% lower odds of postpartum depression and anxiety

  • More likely to have spontaneous vaginal births

  • Reduction in pain medication and epidurals

  • Better breastfeeding rates at 6 weeks postpartum

  • Labours were shorter by approximately 40 minutes

So why have me as your doula?

In every generation over time, there has been a village surrounding mothers to support them during their pregnancy and postpartum journey. In this day and age we live busy lifestyles, away from our family and friends. The culture surrounding us is centered around having a healthy baby, often neglecting the new mother. I want to help bring the focus back on to the mother and baby as a unit. I am passionate about making informed decisions so that no mother is left uncertain. Putting the needs and wants of each mother in a non-judgemental way is at the forefront of how I can assist you. 

Lets start this journey, together. 

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