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Part of the joy of being a doula is that services are tailored to the mothers needs. I have set up examples of packages but these can easily be tweaked to suit the mother best. Before purchasing any package, I like to meet or chat to you before we work together to make sure we both feel comfortable and have a connection. 


Prenatal+ birth + Postpartum

This package includes:

- 3 x 2 hour prenatal meetings where we can go over (but not limited to):

  • where you would like to birth and who will be your support during labour and postpartum

  • preparing your mind and body for labour and birth

  • supporting partners in the process and how they can assist you

  • creating a birth plan 

  • providing resources and where to find quality information

  • Giving you the tools so you can advocate for yourself during appointments with health professionals (if required). 


-Unlimited communication from start of package till the end. 

This package includes:

- 4 x 4 hour postpartum visits where we can go over (but not limited to):

  •  debriefing about your birth experience

  • helping with house chores (tidying up, grocery shopping, washing etc.)

  • looking after baby to give you time to rest and recover

  • cooking nourishing meals such as bone broths, hearty slow cooked meals, and healthy snacks

  • lactation support

  • assisting with other children.


-Unlimited communication from start of package till the end. 

These postpartum sessions are truly about nurturing the mother and that will look different for each mother. We will debrief this over the phone so I come prepared to assist you effectively.

This package includes:

- 2 x 2 hour prenatal meetings. 

- On call for labour and birth. I supply equipment such as essential oils, birthing comb, TENS machine, rebozo and plenty more.  Other ways I can assist you in labour: 

  • liaising with your care providers to ensure your birth plan is being met.

  • helping you advocate for yourself and informing you of your choices in a calm, objective nature. 

  • creating an environment that makes you feel safe

  • assisting with your partners needs (e.g. if they need a time out!) 

- 3 x 3 hour postpartum visits that are tailored to your wants and needs.

-Unlimited communication from start of package till the end. 

Please contact me so we can discuss how I can tailor my services to you.

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