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Stephanie Baxter

My Birth Stories


Franklin 2020

My pregnancy with Franklin began with the chaos of the 2019 fires, followed by the start of Covid. Aside from extreme fatigue, nausea, and crazy cravings, my pregnancy was smooth sailing. The entire pregnancy Franklin was in the Frank breech position (ironic, right?). I tried acupuncture, moxibustion, ECV, and spinning babies positions. In the end, my little man remained breech and needed two obstetricians and forceps to get him out as he was so stuck in my ribs. I remember coming home from my appointment where I booked in a c-section date absolutely hysterical that I wouldn't get my dream natural birth that I longed for. Upon reflection of my whole birthing experience, the only factor that I am disappointed in is that I didn't know to stand up for myself. I requested optimal cord clamping, skin on skin and for Franklin to remain with me in recovery. I was declined all of these wishes. As a new, young, first time mother, I just assumed what the obstetrician says, goes. This is where I wish I had a doula, so I knew I could have advocated for my wishes and be given the right information on hospital policies. 

Matilda 2022

Before trying to conceive I did my research to ensure that I can get my VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean). I contacted hospitals and made sure I knew how to get into the MGP (midwifery group practise). When I fell pregnant it all fell into place. I got into the MGP and had another very similar pregnancy to Franklin's. Matilda stayed head down from early on which was an absolute blessing for my anxiety. My midwife, Maxine, was so supportive of my VBAC journey and made sure that I always felt in power of my decisions. My waters broke on a Thursday morning, and I had intense contractions which were on and off for 2 days. On the Friday night around 6pm, the contractions ramped up and were happening every few minutes. I contacted my mother in law to look after Franklin and my midwife to ask if I should come. I got to the hospital around 8pm, and my contractions completely stopped in that environment. We tried to rest for a short while, then at 11pm I had a huge emotional breakdown about mum guilt, and fear of loving two children equally. It was as though as soon as I released those fears out my system, my body was able to properly begin labour. My labour intensified extremely fast from there on. I ended up pushing for over an hour, and at 5:32am my baby girl was born. All my birth preferences were met. It was the most healing and beautiful experience I could have ever asked for. 

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